What's your Edge?

At Talent Edge, ours is finding and connecting talented engineers,

manufacturing professionals, and network technology specialists.

who we work with


Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Civil Engineers

Project Engineers



Project Managers



Plant Management

Management Operations

Quality Control

Production Manager

Safety Manager

Instrument Technician

Network Technology


Support Specialist

Customer Success Representative

Network Administrator

System Administrator

IT Manager

Security Analyst

Our mission

Connect talented professionals with our respected clients. More importantly, caring about our clients and customers as if they were family.

20 years experience

in both corporate recruiting and staffing, we understand the importance of being transparent and honest with our partners. These core principals separate us from our competitors:

  • Desire to help others advance themselves.
  • Passion to do the right thing and make sure both sides are getting what is truly best for them.
  • Flexibility to be available to our candidates and our customers at all times.
  • Focus on realistic opportunities for necessary skills.
  • Support, from resume writing to interviewing skills.

It is possible

to have partnerships based off everyone improving and that is what we love about this industry. Hiring the wrong candidate can be a mess for all included. The costs of hiring and terminating the wrong fit may hurt the quality of the next person you hire. Our ability to understand all of the factors involved in hiring the right fit will allow us to build a strong partnership for the future as well. At Talent Edge we want everyone to win.

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